When should cheese be eaten, at the beginning or at the end of the meal?

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The answer is very simple, whenever you prefer. The customs in the various countries are very different and this does not make them incorrect. French tend to eat cheese at the end of the meal to finish off a good meal, Spanish at the beginning as “tapas”. The advantage of having cheese at the beginning is that it enables you to discover and perceive aromas and flavours which will in no way be eclipsed by another dish which may have overwhelmed our senses beforehand.

 At what temperature should cheese be consumed?

Cheeses should be consumed at a temperature of between 18-20ºC, towards the upper limit for cheeses with a hard texture (mature, extra-mature and vintage) and towards the lower limit for semi-mature, mild and soft cheeses. If the cheese is fresh, it is advisable to serve it at a temperature of no higher than 15ºC. temperatura comsumir queso

 How should cheese be cut?

Cheese should be cut depending on its shape. Two kinds of cut can be used: wedges and slices.

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How should cheese be stored?

Cheese should be stored in a cool, dry place.
Keep refrigerated, between 4 and 10ºC, wrapped in cling film.